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Please note as of June 2019 Business Settings will now become System Settings

What is a Custom Home Screen?

The Custom Home Screen feature allows you to personalize the modules immediately available to your clients in your mobile app.

Put the most important modules of your system at your clients’ fingertips by creating and customizing your own home screen. This feature does not require any technical know-how to set up! Just follow the steps below to get started!




How to access the Custom Home Screen?

Go to the System Settings module in the sliding bar menu on the left-hand side of your portal screen, scroll down to the Coaching & Apps section to select Mobile Apps option.

Important to Note:

Only staff with Club Manager access in the system will be able to navigate to this page.

How to style the Custom Home Screen?

There are 3 steps to creating a Custom Home Screen:

  1. Create Layers
  2. Add Tiles
  3. Launch the CHS into the App


Important to Note:

Don’t forget to save every time you make changes to the page!  

To immediately see the changes you will need to synchronize your updates with the app.  You can do so by closing and re-opening the app or by navigating to “Me” > “Settings” (gear icon in the app) > “Sync”

At times, with older phone models, it may be necessary to clear the cookies and cache from the phone and in some cases, an app re-install may be required.

Need more help?

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