Custom Home Screen: Launch the CHS into the App!

Enabling the Custom Home Screen

The Custom Home Screen is a feature which you need to enable for it to show in the mobile app. To enable it, navigate to the Mobile App Design page in the Business Settings under the Coaching & Apps section, scroll down to the option titled "Enable custom home screen" in the Custom Home Screen section. Trigger the toggle to blue.

When the Custom Home Screen is disabled, the app will automatically create a generic home screen for you. The tiles that are shown are based on your license and the apps that you have enabled under “Portal Content”.

Important to Note:

Don’t forget to save every time you make changes to the page!  

To immediately see the changes you will need to synchronize your updates with app.  You can do so by closing and re-opening the app or by navigating to “Me” > “Settings” (gear icon in the app) > “Sync”

At times, with older phone models, it may be necessary to clear the cookies and cache from the phone and in some cases an app re-install may be required.

For a step by step video, please click below.



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