What to do: your payment provider Mollie changed their payout time to 30 days

Your payments will most likely be delayed in April and May

Recently Mollie announced that they will in many cases delay Direct Debit and Credit Card payouts for April by 15 days, and for May by 30 days due to the COVID19 outbreak. We are surprised and very disappointed by their decision and understand this has a big impact on your business. We are here to help.

After contact with Mollie, they commented that they might be willing to make exceptions for Virtuagym customers on a case by case basis. We advise you to contact Mollie to see if they can make an exception for your case via

In the meantime, we understand that you’re in need of direct action and a trustworthy alternative. The best solution depends on your individual situation.  Therefore please read the options below and contact us in case you have any questions. 


Alternative options to using Mollie

There are several options to consider depending on your business and how you use Direct Debit from Mollie. 

1. Contact Mollie

In case you would choose to adjust your services to online services such as online coaching or the online offering of group classes AND you would adjust (lower) your pricing, Mollie would potentially be willing to also apply a payout term of 15 days for the month of May. For more details about this we recommend you to contact Mollie

2. You could change to old school Direct Debit through your bank

To do the old school route, opt for a direct debit via your bank. You need a SEPA Creditor ID to do this. Depending on the relationship with your bank, and whether or not you have an account manager, this could take from days up to weeks. If you already have a SEPA Creditor ID and are allowed to accept SEPAS via your bank, you can get started directly. You can read more about how to do SEPA with your own bank on our helpdesk. 

2. You could change the payment method to PAYPAL

You could also change your payment method to an online method such as PayPal. This allows your member to easily pay the invoice online through a paylink that can be sent by email. This would require customers to manually pay the subscription fee as a one-time payment through an online paylink.

Option 1: Reduce your feed before May? Please contact Mollie 

Option 2: Change to old school direct debit? Read this article and follow the steps below. 

Option 3: Change your payment method to PayPal? Read this article and follow the steps below 


How to change my payment method?

It’s important to consider that there are several places where payment methods can be used:

  • Membership definitions (in your business settings)
  • Contracts (memberships that are assigned to members)
  • Invoices (already created payment and assigned to a member)
  • Webshop products

In order to change a method and eliminate it from the system completely it is important to start in the right order. 

Step 1: Membership definitions

Membership definitions determine the default payment method of a contract. Therefore they have to be changed first. This can be done by going to System Settings > Memberships; opening every membership individually and changing the default payment method to the new method of your choice.


Step 2: Contract payment methods

A contract is an assigned membership. The payment method on the contract determines the payment method of the invoices created through this contract. That means it is crucial to change all the contract payment methods. While this could be done manually on the contract, it is also possible for our support team to assist with this change.

Important:  It is crucial to do step 1 & 2 prior to the month you want to invoice via the new method, in order to make sure all invoices will be already created on your preferred new payment method. 


Step 3: Change the payment method on your invoices

After this is done, check in the invoice overview if there are any invoices still outstanding on the old payment method and adapt those manually. (See Screenshot)

(Eg. I want to invoice only via Paypal from 1st of May. My invoices are always created 1 week prior, so in this case on April 23rd.  

> Make sure all contracts are on payment method Paypal by this date, so all invoices will be created automatically correct)


Step 4: Webshop payment methods

Don’t forget, if you offer this payment method in the webshop, go to System Settings > Online Shop and change the available payment methods for each category


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