What is VOD (Video on Demand)?

Video on Demand (check out our introduction video here) is a service we provide to our clients powered by Fitness on Demand. This service provides our clients with the ability to give their members access to streaming exercise videos, directly from the Virtuagym mobile app. These videos can be streamed through web or mobile and can be accessed by end-users. Depending on the license your club has, Video on Demand can be configured for PRO and non-PRO members.

Who will benefit from using VOD?

Everyone who wants to provide their clients with a great customer experience and help them workout even when they are not in the gym! 

How can it help my business?

  • Increased usage of your App 
  • Members pay for your services, even when they’re not in the gym 
  • Extra benefits for your members with access to hundreds of popular fitness videos for every level and goals.

What are the workouts that I can play?

  • Browse in multiple groups of workouts: Cardio, Core, Dance, yoga, HIIT and much more!
  • Search by level: easy, standard, advanced or flex
  • Search by duration from ones shorter than 20 minutes to longer ones
  • Or just use the “Search video” tab to find a specific workout or workout type that you like
  • Most of the content is in English, but there are some workouts in different languages if you search for specific keywords

How can I enable Video on Demand (VOD)  for clients? 

Please reach out to our Support Team or your Account Manager to get more information on how to have this feature and about PRO and non-PRO options.

Where do users see the Video on Demand?

Once enabled -  all clients can see it in the Sidebar on web. VOD is also available for Staff in their Personal menu.

How can I access this in the app?

Our Support Team can help you to set up a tile on your Custom Home Screen so that VOD is accessible in your mobile app (accessible on both IOS and Android). 

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