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What is the Product Research Group?

Virtuagym Product Research Group is on the lookout for like-minded individuals who are passionate about fitness, business, and innovation. So in short: We’re looking for you!


We pride ourselves on offering software and technologies that are cutting-edge and a step ahead of our competitors, and without you, none of that would be possible. As a valued customer, your opinion is more than important, it’s crucial to Virtuagym’s growth and development.


Members of this group will have a unique opportunity to take part in vital research, discussions and brainstorming sessions around a series of exciting Virtuagym projects. It may be asking you to complete an online survey or inviting you for an interview at our Virtuagym office in Amsterdam. Not able to visit us? No problem! We can arrange research sessions via video or audio call.


Research topics will vary in scope and scale, but each one is a vital piece of the Virtuagym jigsaw. You could be consulted on our long-term strategies or even given a sneak preview of one of our unreleased features!


So how does it work?  

Depending on the kind of project we’re currently working on we might need a handful of participants or the entire group. The technology industry is fast-paced, so every project has different requirements! 


We’ll invite you in for either a one-on-one or group interview depending on your choice which you can specify in your sign up form. These will be conducted at one of our Netherlands or Colombia-based offices. For those not based in either country, we’re happy to offer online interviews and surveys to ensure you’re still able to play your important role in the process.


When we have a research project that matches your interests and interview type, we’ll contact you. We will never contact you more than once a month.


What will Virtuagym do with the findings?

The results of each interviewee will be analyzed and relayed back to the relevant product teams. Due to the huge variety of research projects, we’ll be undertaking, your feedback could be used to improve an existing product or to finetune a new, unreleased feature. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with regular updates and results so you can see the impact you’re having on our development process.


What is in it for me?

First of all, you get exclusive insights into our new features and developments! You also have a direct influence on the way our product looks and the chance to give your input about our strategy. We aim to provide our clients with the most user-friendly product that satisfies the needs of their business. Asking you is our best bet to fulfill our mission. We treat your feedback very seriously and want it to stir us in the right direction when it comes to product choices we make.


Can anyone join?

For now, the Product Research Group is only available for our B2B clients. Apart from face to face interviews, we will also conduct online interviews and surveys, therefore you can participate from any place in the world. Bear in mind that all research is only done in English.


How can I sign up? 

To sign-up, please contact one of our consultants through the chat bubble in your portal. They can make sure you get included in our Research Group. The chat bubble could be found bottom right and is also displayed in the image below. 


Your feedback matters!

Our email address is used for administrative purposes only not as a source of feedback.


Can I send other feedback?

If you have any other feedback you would like to share with us, please visit our website at


Your personal information

We will store and use your personal information in compliance with our Privacy Policy. Your data will be treated confidentially and never shared with external parties.


How can I leave the group?

If you no longer wish to be part of the Product Research Group, please send us an email to and we will remove your details from our system.


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