Creating Supersets and Workouts with the Virtuagym Workout Editor

Here you have a guide to know how to create workouts in Supersets and circuits: 

  • Add the list of exercises that will be a part of the superset/ circuit and select the checkbox that appears to the right of each exercise: 

  • Now that the exercises are selected, you'll be able to see the "Link" button on the blue bar. You can select this option so that the exercises link to each other.



  • As you can see, the exercises are linked to each other. Remember that if you want to undo the superset/ circuit, you can select the checkbox on the right. Then click on the "Unlink" button. 




Done! Now you've finished your superset. Remember that the superset will appear on the mobile app and also on the printed version of the workout plans:

If you have any questions regarding the creation of supersets/ circuits, don't hesitate to contact the Client Success Team. 

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