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When using Virtuagym, it might happen that you are being logged out of your portal accidentally. There are a few reasons why this could happen, that I will talk about below:

You are logged in under a different account in a different tab
If you have multiple accounts or your computer is shared with other Virtuagym users, it could very well happen that someone else is still logged into Virtuagym on a different tab in your browser. This causes the system to log out since it cannot be logged in on two accounts at the same time. Make sure no other tabs from Virtuagym are open on your computer.

You have cookies in your browser that remember an old account
Even if you don't have any tabs open with other accounts logged in, your browser might still remember an old account through the cookies that are saved on your browser. To remove those cookies, you can clear/delete your cache. Do this in your browser settings > history. 

You are using an incognito tab in your browser
If you don't want the PC to save your browser history, you might have chosen to work in an incognito browser, that does not save any data. It can happen that you are logged out at some point because the system is deleting the browser history. If this happens often, you might want to switch to a regular browser for using Virtuagym.

You did not tick the box "remember me" when logging in
If you have not ticked the box that said "remember me" when logging in, and you open up the system after closing it down, you will need to log in again to access the system.

You have advanced security settings turned on in Virtuagym
Advanced security settings is an option you can turn on in your account settings under Privacy (On Virtuagym itself). If you have this turned on and you had not ticked the "remember me" box, you will not be automatically logged in when you follow a link to Virtuagym. 

If you are still having problems with logging in and none of the reasons above apply, please contact us so we can take a closer look!

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