How to add my Gym information to the system?

When you set up your profile, one of the things we ask you to do is add your gym information. You can do it in Business settings> Business info. By entering the address of your Gym google maps will find your location automatically.


You can fill in the details of the address, the postal code and the city so that your customers can find you more easily.

Remember! If you are not clear about what one of the fields means, you can always use the Academy button that is located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Additionally, once you have completed all the fields, you can continue adding more information about your Gym as Opening Hours and the services of your club.

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    Hello, I am able to search for my club but then once I've found it, I can't see anyway to assign that club to my profile. I have moved from Christchurch, NZ to Auckland, NZ so would like to update my club so that I can see the relevant timetable of my app.

    Thanks - V

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    Floor Ploeg

    Hi there! If you want to move from one club to another (and want to use their personal portal) you will need to ask one of the staff from the new location to add you into the system. You will then be able to transfer your account from one location to the other. Good luck!

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    What if your fitness center doesn't have a portal, and is not listed in Virtuagym?