Recurring bookings schedule

If you want your clients to be able to book events on a recurring basis in your schedule, you need to allow for this option in the schedule settings part of business settings.


If you click on it, you will be taken to the schedules that you are using:



If you click on the appropriate schedule, you will see the following settings:


Here you can check the "Allow recurring bookings' option. 

Now go to your schedule and then click on an event and participants. You will now see the option to book recurring. Before booking a client into the class, check the box 'book recurring' on.  


It's possible that the system won't book the client recurrently even through the options are set correctly. This may be caused by the following reasons: 

- Not enough credits: If your client doesn't have a sufficient credits, the system will not book them into the event. You can check the amount of credits a client has by going to their client overview and looking at the products tab. 

- If you don't work with credits, then maybe the 'bookable in advance' date isn't set properly. It might say 1 week. Therefore you can't book in advance for more than 1 week away. To fix this, click on a schedule activity, click on edit, and check your 'bookable in advance' date.



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