What are the possibilities with the account settings?

What are the opportunities with the account settings? 

Here you can change your personal settings, such as your screen name, surname and weight. Read more here.

Profile Picture
Here you can edit the profile picture and cover photo. Read more here.

My sports
Here you can select which sports you practice.

Gym/Sports clubs 
You can specify here if you are a member of a sports club or gym.

Profession and interests
Here you can post what your profession and your interests / hobbies.

Language and location
Here you can change your language and location, but also your time zone.

Email options
It may be that you do not wish to receive emails from Virtuagym. You can specify which emails you don't want to receive. Read more here.

E-mail and password
Here you can change your email address or you password.  

Want to hide your profile for other people? Read here how you can change your privacy settings. 

You can link Virtuagym to Facebook, Twitter and Fitbit. Click on the connection that you want to add to Virtuagym and follow the steps. 



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