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Booking Classes

When using the online scheduling system, you have two options for booking the classes. You can choose to book all the clients in yourself, or you can let the clients book themselves in.

Staff booking for clients

Make sure that you do not tick the box enable online booking when creating a scheduled activity. After creating the activity, you can book in your clients by clicking on add a member and finding their name in the search field. You can also add guests to an activity, read more about that here.


Clients booking for themselves

Make booking available for clients, make sure you check the enable online booking box. Now, clients will be able to book themselves for classes through the web portal and/or mobile app. If you've attached credits to a class, make sure that the appropriate clients have those credits on their account. 

If you want clients to be able to book in a recurring manner, you must enable this in the Business Settings. Read more about this here.



Canceling Classes

When a member signed up for a class but wants to cancel for whatever reason, you or the client can do this online.

Staff canceling for clients

To cancel a client's booking, go to the scheduled event the client is signed up for. There, you go to the participants tab and click on the trash can icon to the right of the participant's name. Here you can choose a cancelation reason and the member will automatically be removed from the class. If the member has paid a credit when booking for the class, this will be automatically refunded as long as the cancellation happened in time. 

A second option for canceling a booking is by going to the client's profile in Clients and Staff, go to the Coaching tab > Bookings and click on Cancel booking.

Clients canceling for themselves

A client can also cancel through the web portal and/or mobile app by going back to the calendar and selecting the class. They will need to state a reason for their cancellation. If they are too late with their cancellation and credits were assigned to the class, those credits will not be refunded.



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