Groups | How can I create a group?

As a Personal Trainer or gym, it's possible that your clients have different interests or are participating in different exercises or lessons. In order to anticipate this you have the possibility to create different groups in addition to your main community page.

When you click top left on your logo, you will be redirected to the online community page. Your online community page is your standard group for you and all your members.  If you want to add another group, go to 'Groups'. 

Here you will see that you can add groups. Click on 'add new group'.

Now you can add a new group; for example, a food group, or a spinning group. You have the possibility to choose between a Public, Private group or Secret. A public group is accessible to everyone, all your clients will be able to join and read the content of this group. A private group is accessible when a club manager approves the member. Everyone is able to see the group but they have to send a request to get permission to join the group. The third group is the Secret group. The Secret group is accessible by invitation only and it is only visible to those who are members.

 Read more about the settings of a new group here

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