How do I email multiple invoices at once?

When you or the system has created multiple invoices for one client or one company, you might want to send them out. 

What you normally do to email an invoice to a client is you go into an invoice and click Email under options. Since that's a lot of work when sending out multiple invoices, we've created a button for you that sends them all at once.

Go to the Financial module > Invoices. Find and select the invoices you want to send out. Click on the options button and click on Email. You will get a warning where you can change the email address that you are sending the invoices to.

Please note that our system sends out emails every fifteen minutes (at 00, 15, 30 and 45) so it might take a while for the emails to come through. After it's been sent, a little envelope will be added to the invoice so you know it has been sent successfully.

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