How do I add discounts to memberships?

In a gym, it is not unusual to offer several discounts to for example; students/children/seniors. In our system, it's not necessary to create a whole new membership, but you can add multiple discounts when creating a membership. You decide per contract which of those discounts (if any) applies to that client. 

To add a discount to a membership, you follow these steps:

1. Go to System Settings > Memberships.

2. Create a new membership or edit an existing one and go through step 1.

3. At step 2, you add the discount(s). Make sure you notice the percent/fixed price/certain amount option. You can also indicate if a discount is temporarily available or is only applicable for the first month of the membership.

4. Assign the membership to a client through their client profile, click advanced options.

5. Choose the discount that applies to that client.

What is good to know is that a discount is never automatically added to a contract, it will always need to be added manually.


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