Clients & Staff | How do I delete a client?

When a client no longer wants to use your services, you might want to deny his or her access to your system. In order to do this, you can 'unsubscribe' the client. Unsubscribing the client freezes the account so that they will no longer be able to use it. However, client data will be stored for future use. 

Once the client has been unsubscribed, they become 'inactive' in the system.

To unsubscribe a client, go to the clients' profile and click the option 'unsubscribe'.

See image below

Please note unsubscribing a client will delete his personal profile and coaching data. Previous invoices and memberships will still be displayed, but you can no longer edit them.

To read more about the differences between active and inactive clients, you can check this article here.

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