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If you are using our membership and billing system, it might include our check-in system. Usually, you need a piece of hardware but you could also check in your clients manually if you don't want to use extra equipment like barcode scanners or card readers. Since this is more work for you, we recommend using any Hardware to make sure your clients can check themselves in.

baseline_info_black_18dp.png Click here to see the available options for Check-in using Hardware

To manually check clients in, go to the app called visitors registration in your web portal.


Use the Search text box at the top left to search for members. You can search for members using the following values: 

  • Own Member ID
  • Name and Last Name
  • E-mail


Once you have found the client, just click on the Check-in button and you will see the name of the person displayed in the history. Depending on the business rules. You will see the log of each member in 3 different colors: 

  • Red: The member has a denied access depending on your business Rules
  • Yellow: Warning, the member can continue but there might be something he doesn't comply with according to your business rules
  • White: The member is good to go. 

baseline_info_black_18dp.png Creating a Check-in connection allows you to establish the business rules for access control. Business rules are conditions and restrictions that your clients must meet if they want to access the facilities. Click here to learn how to create business rules for Access Control.




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