What are the possibilities of the column 'deduct period' in Credits? 

The column 'deduct period' gives you the option when the system should deduct the credits used for an event.   


There are five options: disabled, 1, 7, 10 and 14 days. If you choose for disabled, the system reads it as immediately. When you choose for 7 days, events further than 7 days ahead won't be charged directly, but they will be charged 7 days before the event starts. When the system is unable to charge credits you will receive an email. 


You also can add a minimum of credits. If the client's credits are reduced to this amount, the client won't be able to use any more credits of this type. it is possible to use a negative amount here (e.g. -1 allows the user to have -1 credit of this type).


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