Clients & Staff | How do I set up my client's profile before inviting them?

When you add a client into your system, you get the option to either send them an invitation or activate them manually.

As you might have already figured out, it is not possible to coach a client before he is activated in the system. You are able to give them a membership, credits, invoices or anything related to the membership and billing section, but for the Coaching section, the client will need to be activated.

You might want to set up their profile before they can access the system themselves. That's why we created the "activate manually" function. When you activate a client manually, you are required to choose a password for them, so make sure you remember that password or the client will not be able to log in!

After manually activating the client's account, you will be able to add training plans, nutrition plans, goals and body metrics to their profile. As soon as you believe the profile is ready to be handed over to your client, just send him a message with his login data; his email and password.


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