How can I link Virtuagym with Fitbit?

Using the Fitbit your calories, work-outs, walking distance, steps taken and your sleep rhythm will be registered. The Fitbit is available for iPhone, Android or accessible via an application on the Web.

You can connect the Fitbit with your Virtuagym profile. You can do that in your account settings on your profile when you log in via a web browser.

Click on the arrow in the right corner, click Account Settings and go to the tab 'connections'. Click behind the Fitbit on the button 'Connect'.


You will be redirected to the Fitbit website.


Here you can enter your email and password, and then the Fitbit will automatically connect with Virtuagym. Do you not have an account with Fitbit yet? Click on 'create a new account'. 

If you want to make fitness part of your everyday life, you can use the Fitbit. To begin with, he never rests. During the day it keeps track of your steps, your traveled distance and your burned calories. During the night it measures your sleep rhythm, he helps you understand your sleep cycle and he wakes you in the morning with a silent vibrating alarm.

You can set a goal, for example, lose 5 kilograms in 2 months. With using the Fitbit you register your calorie consumption, work-outs, walking distance, steps taken and your sleep rhythm. Those calories are synchronized with your profile of VirtuaGym, see below a preview of how it looks.



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