How do I change the end date on a client's membership?

Every membership that you assign to a client will have an end date. This date is set by the duration that you've set for membership for. For example, if you set the duration of a membership to 12 months, the end date will be set as 12 months after the start date.

This also applies to memberships that will be automatically renewed. The end date of the contract will change as soon as the initial period is up and the membership is renewed. You only need to edit the end date if you want to stop the membership that has been set to renew.

To change the end date of a contract, go to the client's profile, go to the tab products and click on the membership. This will open the client's membership contract. You then click on the contract end date drop-down list and choose a different date. Once you have selected the date, click on the save icon.


If you want to change the end date of a membership to earlier than the date initially set,  remember that you can't go back further than when the last invoice was created. For example: If an invoice is already created for the month of October, you will not be able to change the end date to September. This also means that if someone paid the full yearly amount in one transaction, you will not be able to set their end date to before the end of the year.

If you want to cancel a contract in the future, you should cancel the contract after you've changed the end date. For example: If someone tells you they will want to end their contract in 8 months, you can set the end date for the date they requested and then cancel the contract. This means the membership will still be active until the set end date, but it will not be automatically renewed after.


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