Challenges | Can I create a private challenge for my client?

When you create a challenge just for your client, it is automatically a personal challenge. This means that no other people can join the challenge.

To create a personal challenge, go to the coaching profile of the client and click on "set new goal". Here you can choose the challenge type and create conditions for the challenge. For example: you can choose if the challenge has an end date or if it goes on until the goal has been reached. You can also add a digital trophy to motivate the client a little extra.

The progress bar of the challenge will always be shown on the client's personal profile. However, it will only display the goal they are trying to reach and nothing else. So for example, if your client is 80 kilos and has a challenge to lose 5 kilos, it will only show how many kilos they have lost, not the start weight or current weight. Those values are only accessible by the client and their coach(es).


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