Clients & Staff | Which clients am I paying for?

When you are a Virtuagym Professional client, you have agreed upon a license with a maximum amount of clients. You can go over that amount, but your license will go up.

There is a difference between activated, active and inactive clients in your system.

An activated client is a client that you added in your system and who has registered into your portal. He has a personal profile and can access your apps. 

An active client is a client you have added in your system but who has NOT (yet) registered himself into your portal. His status is either on "invited" or nothing at all since you might not want to let him into your portal. 

An inactive client is a client you added into your system, but who you have since made inactive. This means his potential personal profile has been deleted, and he no longer has access to your portal. You also cannot use his account any longer to attach a training plan, nutrition plan or membership on. He remains in your database under Inactive clients just in case he comes back or you need his personal data for marketing reasons. 

In your system, you pay for your activated and active clients. Your standard view in your client overview is always on active clients, so the amount that is displayed in there is the number of clients you pay for. If you no longer want to pay for a certain client, just choose Unsubscribe in their client profile.


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