Options of 'My schedule'

In the schedule app, you will always find at least two schedules. "My Schedule", and the schedule(s) you have created yourself. When you want to add events or book members for a class, you do this in the schedule you've created. My Schedule is created to be able to easily check your personal schedule, in this schedule you will only find activities you are connected to as an instructor. If you log into the system and need to check quickly when and where to go, this is the first schedule you will see. 

The schedule "My Schedule" summarizes the activities that the coach who is currently logged in is responsible for. The schedule "All" shows all activities led by all instructors. These two features are part of the app and do not count as two of your three schedules. Please remember that you cannot add events to the summary schedule, you will always need to add activities in one of the schedules you created yourself. 

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