How do I add a custom text to an invoice?

When sending invoices to your clients, you might want to add text to invoices that tell clients other important information.

You can customize this text in your business settings under financial info. Please note that this text will be shown on every invoice, and you can not create individual texts for each invoice. 


If you would like to send certain clients (or groups of clients) different invoice texts, you can do this by creating different scripts and then assigning them to individual clients. For example, if one of your clients speaks Spanish, you can assign a specific invoice text to them in the Clients and Staff app. 

  1. Create the invoice text you would like the specific client to see on their invoices
  2. Go to clients and staff app and go to the overview of that client. Click EDIT DETAILS of that client. 
  3. Select the invoice text you want to be connected to that client. 



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