How do I add guests to my classes?

As a gym or personal trainer, you might allow people to test out a class before they start a membership with you. Maybe someone brings a friend or a family member and you allow them to join the class, maybe even for free.

Since you might have a limited amount of participants for a class, it makes sense that you want to add that guest as a participant in your class in the Virtuagym schedule. This way, members will have a clear picture of how many places are still left. 

That's why you can add guests to a scheduled session. You can do this right where you add members as well, in the activity itself. Please note that guests cannot book themselves, since they do not have access to your portal. 

You can fill in their name, email address and even add a note for the trainer of the specific class. Now the guest will receive a booking confirmation and will be kept updated on possible changes to the class. 

If you have attached credits to the class, it will not restrict you from adding a guest. You can decide yourself if you want to manually create a guest invoice for them to invoice them for the class, or if the class is completely free. You could even choose to manually deduct another credit from the client that brought the guest in as payment. That's up to you!

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