Where can I fill in the weight amounts for exercises?

When you create a training plan and start adding exercises, you'll see that you are able to adjust a few options for that exercise in the right column of the plan editor. You can fill in the amount of sets, the intensity of the training, rest periods and any notes you might have. All these factors will be displayed on the training schedule if you choose to print it out. Any other values you might want to add, you can put down with a pen or pencil. Since the weight amounts can change every day and a training plan is usually for multiple days, the weights are left empty on the printed plan. 

If you choose to do your training plan through the activity calendar, you can add the weights there. Just go to the day of the exercise, click on it in the right column and fill in the weight amounts under details. The system will remember these amounts for the next time you do the exercise, so you will only need to adjust it if you change your amounts during training. 

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