Platform | Hardware requirements

Virtuagym is a software system that is completely web-based. This means the entire system is situated on the internet. You do not need to install anything on your computer or tablet to use the system. Furthermore it means Virtuagym is available on every medium and you have access to your portal or profile anytime, anywhere. 

If you want to use Virtuagym's mobile app, you can download it at the App store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). Make sure you and your clients are first registered at your portal. If they sign themselves up through the app, they will not be redirected to your version of the mobile app.

Virtuagym is best used on a PC or laptop, but also works very well on the browser of a tablet. Browsers that are supported best by Virtuagym are: Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

If your license includes the check-in module, it is necessary to download a small file to your computer to run the check-in software. You can download this file in the business settings under "check-in". 

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    The check-in module is WINDOWS only and does not work cross platform on a MAC or Linux based system.