Promotional Banners


What are Promotional Banners?


Promotional Banners are a convenient way to advertise and promote extra information to your clients on the community page and in the app.

You can use the Promotional Banners to:

  • Advertise your Facebook, Website, Instagram, etc
  • Post feature articles and videos
  • Announce events you are organizing/supporting or will be a part of
  • Do exchange/paid advertisement features with businesses in your area



How to access Promotional Banners?

Go to the System Settings module, scroll down to the Coaching & Apps section to select Marketing option.


How to create a Promotional Banner?

1. On the Marketing page click Add 

2. Fill in the necessary information such as Title, Link, Image and change visibility according to the amount of time you want the banner to stay live for your clients.


3. Don't forget to hit Save.





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