I don't want to receive email notifications.

If you don’t want to receive email notifications about every single action your customers take on the system, you can simply change your settings in  Business Settings > Notification Settings and choose by default which kind of notifications would you like to receive by Schedule and Community.



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    Shelby M Kozlowski

    This product is horrible and it's clear you have no interest in learning from your users. There is NO WAY to contact you directly from what I can tell, beside this comment field. When I clicked the above "submit a request" button, it takes me to a blank page with no form. I have already set up my pro account, yet I get multiple emails per week asking me to set up my account and download the app. Nowhere in the email settings is there clarity on how to get this specific type of email to stop. STOP emailing me and improve your service. This has been infuriating---I will not be advising my gym to renew our service with you.

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