Nutrition | Creating and Assigning a Meal Plan to Clients


It was already possible to implement training schedules in the Virtuagym system. This way clients could easily be coached with their fitness activities. Clients could also track their food, or be actively or passively coached with the Nutrition app. For more information on the Nutrition App, click here. From now on it is also possible to assign standard meal plans to clients with the new app: “Meal Plan”.

With the Meal Plan app, (template) meal plans can easily be made. The meal plans can be assigned to multiple clients and adjusted to their nutrition plan. Because of this, it becomes easier to coach clients on nutrition and will save you a lot of time.

Creating a Meal Plan 

When you create a new meal plan, you can choose either if it is visible for only you or for all employees of the club. The meal plan is only visible in your own club, so other clubs cannot see or access it. The Meal Plan app is easy to use if you make a lot of meal plans for your club. The visibility “only me” can be useful if your plan is not finished yet, or incorrect.

To create a new meal plan, go to the app “Meal Plan” and click on “New Meal Plan”.
What you need to fill in:
- Plan name: visible for clients & a reference to find the plan
- Description: not visible for clients & only visible in the Meal Plan overview and when opening the Meal Plan editor
- Image: Add an image to the plan & not visible for clients & visible in Meal Plan overview
- Visibility: visible for only me or for your colleagues from your club

Assigning a Meal Plan 

If you want to coach a client through a meal plan you have created, you have to make sure you are assigned as a coach to this specific client. Go to, “Client and Personnel” and click on the client you are coaching. Once you do this, a black bar with the name of the client will appear at the top of your screen.

There are two ways to add a meal plan to your client. The first one is through the “Meal Plan” app (green icon with a fork and knife in the black bar), here you can find all meal plans you have created. Click on the three dots next to the meal plan you want to add and click on schedule meal plan. Now you can choose the start date, amount of weeks, and the days you want to add the meal plan to. The second way is through the Nutrition app (green icon with the apple in the black bar) > Nutrition Diary. You click on “Meal Plan +”, and get to the overview of all the meal plans. Here you can schedule the plan for your client. Once the meal plan is scheduled, it is possible to adjust it by adding or deleting food. Subsequently, the client needs to tick off the products that it has eaten, either in the app or in the portal.

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