Validity of credits

The validity period of a credit is an important point to consider when implementing your credit system. 

The Validity of a credit refers to its life cycle. For example, a client may be given a credit with a 1-week validity, meaning, if they don't use the credit in one week, the credit will be lost.

When you create a membership, you can attach credits to that membership. Here you can specify four things; the amount of credits, the frequency in how often the credits should be assigned, the validity of the credits and if needed, extra credits at the start of the membership.

1. The amount of credits - This determines how many credits the person gets within one frequence.

2. The frequency of the credit - This determines how often the credits will be assigned.

3. Validity credits - This determines how long the credit will be valid.

4. Credits extra at start - Here you can give some extra credits to the client when you assign the membership.


The image above shows that the client will receive 4 credit each month and each credit will be valid for the contract duration. Also 3 extra credits will be added at the beginning of the contract.

You can also manage the validity of credits assigned to a point of sale product. This can be done when creating a product by clicking on "advanced options".

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