Financial | Invoicing a company on behalf of a client

If you have a client that is training with you through a certain company, you may need to invoice the company for them. There may also be a situation where you have to invoice multiple clients through the same company. 

To send an invoice to a company for one client:

1. Go to the client's profile in clients and staff.

2. Edit their details, add a business by clicking on yes at "business?".

3. Create an invoice. When you email/print this invoice, you will see the business information is included.


To invoice multiple clients through a company in one invoice:

1. Add the company as a client in your system.

2. Create an invoice and make sure each product contains the information of the specific client.

Make sure you send the invoice to the right email address when emailing it through our system (you get a notice where you can change the email address when clicking "email).

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