Clients & Staff | Can I mass-invite my clients to Virtuagym?

When you start using Virtuagym, you are offered our free service of import your client database into the system for you. If you've used this service or would just like to simultaneously invite all your clients, you can use the mass-invite function.

You can find this function in the clients and staff app, under "dashboard". Here you will see, in the bottom left corner of the screen, a few statistics about your clients. Here you will see

"Non-invited members" (clients that are in the system but not yet invited to register)
"Invited members" (clients in the system that are invited but not yet registered)
"Activated clients" (clients that are in the system and have registered)
"Total members" (total amount of clients in the system)

Next to the first two statistics, you will see a small envelope that you can click. This will send out the mass invitation. Once you've sent an invite to all your clients, you can always go back to this page and click the envelope under the "invited members" statistic, to send another email to all the clients that have not yet responded on the first one.

Please note that you can only coach activated clients in the system, so make sure those clients register!

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