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When needing to invoice a company, there are three scenarios possible. Either the company needs to be invoiced for one client, or you need to bill the company for multiple clients. This last option can be done in two different ways. In this article, we will explain how you can do this.

1: Invoicing a company for one client

It could happen that your client has their own business and would like to be billed through their business instead of their personal details.

To be able to do this, you will need to fill in the business information in the client profile. 
Go to the app Clients & Staff and find the client. In the client's profile, click on Edit details. At the option Business?, you will need to tick Yes. From there, you can either choose a previously created Business or you can add a new one.

After saving the business information, you will be able to assign contracts invoiced to the company. If you want a separate invoice to be addressed to the company, you can go into the invoice and change the Bill To option. Please note that you are only able to change the Bill To option after creating the invoice.

You will see the invoice will then have the information of the business on there. 

You are able to determine if you'd like the name of the client to be on the invoice or not. You can decide this option when adding in the business information.

2. Invoicing a company for multiple clients through Family Memberships

When a company is paying for more than one of your clients, it might make more sense to invoice them in a different way. For this, you could use our Family Memberships option.

You will need to create the business under a client account. Just fill in all the information that applies to the business and save the information.

Now, you will need to financially connect clients to this company. To do this, go to the tab Invoices and click on Financially Link Client to BUSINESS NAME. 

Here you can choose the name of the client and choose what exactly the business should be paying for. There are 4 options:

  • The Company pays for everything (every invoice will be billed to the company)
  • The company pays for memberships (only invoices about memberships will be billed to the company)
  • The company pays for POS Products (only invoices created from POS will be billed to the company)
  • The company does not pay for the financially linked client (no invoices will be billed to the company)

The last thing to decide is if you want the name of the client to be on the invoice.

Once you've made the connection, you'll see that all invoices you stated will be on the company's name. You can make multiple financial links to make sure all clients are connected to the company.

The invoice would then look like this:

However, the invoices will not be merged together, so for each client, you will have a separate invoice. 

If you really need all the clients to be on the same invoice, we have a third option available.


3: Invoicing a company for multiple clients manually

3.1 Add the company as a client in your system.

3.2. Create an invoice manually on the company and make sure each product contains the information of the specific client.

The invoice will then look like this:

This would of course be the preferred way, so that is why we are working on a possibility to merge invoices together to make sure that the above option will be done automatically.


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