How do I end a client's membership/contract?

When a client no longer wants to use their membership, you can end their contract two different ways. To do this, you will always need to go to the client's profile > products > membership > options > End membership.


When a client wants to/is allowed to stop their contract right away, you can choose "immediately". This means they will immediately lose their access with the membership. For example, they can no longer check in or book classes that costs credits from their membership. This version of stopping a contract is quite unlikely, since almost everyone uses a cancellation period. That is why the second version is more often used.


At termination date:
When a client wants to cancel their membership, there will probably be a period of time left on their contract before they can do so. Maybe a month, maybe half a year. To make sure you can arrange everything right away instead of having to come back as soon as the contract ends, we have developed the "at termination date" option for you. The client will now still be able to use their contract until the given end date. After that, the contract will be terminated automatically and invoices will no longer be created. If you want to change the termination date, read this article. 


Two things to keep in mind when ending a contract:

- When a client's contract is ended, he/she will still have access to your portal. To delete someone from your system entirely, you must make them inactive. In the Clients & Staff app, click on the client you wish to delete, to go to their profile. On the left side click on "unsubscribe."

- When you stop a contract before the cancellation period is up, it is likely an invoice is already created that will no longer need to be paid. Invoices that are already created will not be automatically deleted when the membership stops. You will need to go into the invoice and credit or delete it manually.

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